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Human Resources

The Human Resources module in BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software is perfect for small companies that can’t afford to hire an HR administrator and large companies requiring automation and a competitive edge.

BeneFinder’s Human Resources Software Represents a Cheaper, Faster and Better Way to Do Business​

From recruiting, applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding to overseeing a growing team, benefits administration, performance management and all the way to employees’ retirement, BeneFinder’s wide-scope Human Capital Management software gives companies all the human resources tools they’ll ever need.

Beyond just our cloud-based software and training videos, your company will benefit from BeneFinder’s on-staff human resources experts, available to address all your needs.

BeneFinder’s Human Resources component is one of many tools in our Human Capital Management software suite, helping companies save money and time while unlocking ways to do business in a smarter and better way.

laws and regulations

Laws & Regulations

Local, state and governmental laws and regulations change more often than most human resources administrators would like. But with BeneFinder’s Human Resources component, part of our Human Capital Management software suite, your company will stay updated and in compliance with guideline changes.

Model Notice Disclosures

Connected with the Affordable Care Act, Model Notice Disclosures are required to be distributed on an annual basis and come in several varieties. These disclosures serve as notifications to individuals about Medicare, CHIP, FAMIS, Breast Cancer Reconstruction, drug coverage and more. BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software suite keeps your company compliant when it comes to communicating required notices to your employees.
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employee handbook

Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks provide a means to communicate to your company’s team all your policies and procedures. Employee handbooks help set the tone for your company’s mission, vision, culture, products and services, ways of conducting business and expectations.

BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software comes with a collection of employee handbook templates to help your team members get up to speed quickly during onboarding. You’ll have the power to fine-tune your company’s messaging to not only protect your business and employees but help get the best out of your team.

Employee handbooks are considered to be vital resources for any successful business, leading to invaluable money and time savings. With an employee handbook in place at your company, expect to improve morale and cooperation; reduce inconsistencies and conflict; meet local, state and federal law requirements; and enhance awareness of company benefits.

Job Description Library

Your company will stand to save tremendous amounts of money and time by tapping into BeneFinder’s job description library, a key resource of our Human Capital Management software. This tool makes it a cinch for your company to remain on the leading edge when it comes to recruiting top talent, especially in cases in which positions open after being filled for long time periods.

Our wholly web-based system makes it easy and fast to search for full-time, contracted and freelance talent with targeted skill sets, build job requisitions and hire candidates who are best for the job and your company. BeneFinder’s Recruiting tool provides a high-tech recruiting experience that engages job candidates, helping your company stand tall in a continually growing forest of job opportunities.
job descriptions

Policy and Procedure Library

Having a sound policy and procedure library is critical for companies to be efficient. BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software comes with customizable templates for your company to communicate policies for requesting and managing personal time off and procedures for emergencies such as fire alarms and reporting workplace injuries incidents, among a long list of other potential message points.

Staff Development

Staff development is important for companies desiring their employees to go to the next level in their positions and remain on the vanguard of technological advances.

BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software is packaged with resources to help your company’s employees get ahead. It also provides monthly training via short web-based video presentations on the latest issues in Human Resources administrative processes that directly impact your business. New videos are posted each month on topics such as “Interview Questions: Staying out of Danger Zones,” “Pregnancy Discrimination Act,” “Exempt vs. Non-Exempt” by certified HR professionals and attorneys to help make sure your employees are best equipped with the knowledge to keep your business out of trouble.

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