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Supercharge your company’s payroll and tax duties with BeneFinder’s Payroll and Tax Processing system, part of our Human Capital Management software. Your company will enjoy having complete access to tax filing and reporting portals, helping you effectively manage your workforce. Simple navigation helps you access the many innovative features
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BeneFinder’s Payroll and Tax Processing System Includes a Payroll Wizard

With BeneFinder’s Payroll and Tax Processing solution, distributing, filing and tax reporting are made easy for your team. Our automated tax filing and reporting simplifies keeping up with local, state, federal and geo-based taxes, no matter your company’s size. Our Payroll Wizard can handle simple or complex calculations without extra programming or steps. Payroll and Tax Processing solution gives you step-by-step directions and logically sorts out potential errors before payroll processing so you know you’re in good hands.

Payroll and Tax Processing system provides your company with access to 450-plus standard reports and two skilled report writers—analytical and ad hoc—keeping vital information at your fingertips. BeneFinder’s General Ledger interface maps directly to your company’s chart of accounts, with the data able to be imported into your accounting system. This helps your team keep up with the latest business happenings so they’re always prepared.

BeneFinder’s Payroll and Tax Processing System Offers Enhanced Functionality and Cost Savings Compared with Competitors

Beyond all the wonderful functionality your company will have access to with our Payroll and Tax Processing system and entire Human Capital Management software, save about 40 percent compared with the cost of paying for payroll processing alone from our local and national competitors.

Moreover, although QuickBooks costs slightly less than BeneFinder’s complete Human Capital Management software, BeneFinder offers companies automatic tax calculations and completes and submits quarterly tax returns. BeneFinder even assumes liability for any errors. This transfer of liability represents the chief value for companies, saving employers potentially thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.
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