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Time Keeping

BeneFinder’s cloud-based, digital and paperless Timekeeping software enables companies to easily capture employee time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing and labor law compliance. This data reveals powerful insight into workforce productivity trends, helping executives make smart business decisions to maximize time and money.

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Our Timekeeping platform makes employees self-sufficient, freeing up supervisors’ administration time and cutting out inefficiencies connected to personal time off and automated payroll adjustments. Supervisors are notified when time cards and time requests require attention and may also call up payroll, scheduling and historical information in building conflict-free schedules, foreseeing overtime needs and decreasing overhead costs. Best of all, BeneFinder’s Timekeeping system integrates with popular payroll platforms, reducing payroll time by as much as 80 percent.

Our Timekeeping software also helps companies get the most out of their employee investments. Global time fraud cost companies $4 trillion, or 5 percent of their annual revenue, according to the 2018 Report to the Nations Global Study Occupational Fraud and Abuse. This study discovered that small businesses are especially at risk of losing money because of time fraud.

By using BeneFinder’s Timekeeping solution, your company can put an end to a practice known as “buddy punching.” No longer will colleagues be able to clock in and clock out for other employees.

Time Clocks

BeneFinder’s Timekeeping software gives your mobile and agile workforce the freedom to work from anywhere and at any time, increasing productivity and adoption rates with devices they already use.


Distinctive and secure, biometrics, including fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, are featured in our Timekeeping platform to ensure time and location accuracy.

Facial Recognition

Sophisticated facial recognition validates and enhances the accuracy of employee time clock punch data. Your employees will enjoy this supremely high-tech capability of our Timekeeping system.

Geo Tracking

The geo tracking component of BeneFinder’s Timekeeping program is perfect for mobile workers who spend time in the field, on job sites or working from client locations. Ten-digit longitude and latitude coordinates, pinpointed on a map, or use of a photo verification, in the form of a selfie, validate employee time clock punch data.

PTO Accruals

BeneFinder’s comprehensive Timekeeping software also streamlines employee scheduling, freeing up time for supervisors to build schedules around workforce needs. BeneFinder’s solution easily enables your team members to view their schedules, review time cards, request personal time off and monitor PTO accrual balances.

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